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Aharon Moshe's Notebook
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The perfect idea: Form a 100% altruistic organization who's sole purpose was to help people.
I took buses and rode my ten speed bicycle (Enlish Racer) around Santa MonicaI had so many places to go, and so many people to see. 
I was able to arrange a meeting with the President/CEO of Santa Monica College.  Dr. Richard Moore was an active executive, we walked out of his office towards the library.
We visited memory lane as I asked him what ever happened to the- proposed Student Union building?
(ten years back the administration was trying to get us to spend all our budget on some building)
He told me, rather matter of factly that it was going up above the cafeteria.
My administration, when I had been elected student body president, was against spending our student money on some building.
Dr. Moore  always had to try to deal with the issue that there simply was not enough space to house the Commmunity College and all its programs and students.
Therefore his solutions had allowed him to purchase houses on Pearl Street (the Pearl Street properties) and otherwise he needed to build up on existing buildings.
I knew the administration would eventually win, and convince the student commission to spend its money on the student union building.
My student Presidency was abruptly shut down because with all my campus activism, and time consuming campaign my GPA slipped below acceptable standards.
The clause which was impossible to overide via due process, was part of the Student Government Constitution. This piece of student/administration law was included in our charter as written in our Student Handbook.
Previous to my successful presidential campaign, I ran a campaign to win the office of Commissioner of Publicity. I had also been a photographer for the school newspaper.
Failing the 1-credit class of Library Science (a class that met 1x per week which I kept forgetting to attend) was enough to take down my Presedential campaign semester to below the required C average. My overall GPA was well above a B average, however it was the GPA for each individual semester that the "automatic removal from office" clause had dealt with.
We on the commission tried to change this clause changed, however it would have taken a constitutional ammendment. We had looked into and had even laid some ground work for it becuase we all knew that this particular clause could easily ruin any of our political aspirations.
Stephen C. Sanders
Novemeber 25, 2007 7:15pm
As a matter of fact there was even a one semester AS President who was allowed to serve his entire term. Later on his name was removed from all official records and/minutes and was only referred to as expunge.
The administrative stance was this was due to a simple oversight. Unfortuantely (or not) the oversight was not applicable to my situation.