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Aharon Moshe's Notebook
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Shared Vision

"Some men look at the way things are and ask why, others look at the things could be and ask why not?" JFK

I had the idea of creating my own nonprofit social service organization as far back as the early to mid 90's. The idea was a very logical out growth of my tenure in a non profit organization as a Union employee. The benefits were great and the work was rewarding in that helping people made me feel good. The company even had a tuition reimbursement plan so I could complete my master's degree.

The only problem was that I was type cast. In other words I was so good at what I did, and job placement was so important to all the contracts that I would not be allowed to grow.

Not being a man who's ambitions were easily thwarted, I persued another outlet to develop my leadership potential. This tactic may have worked because the idea of promoting a great mind out of the union, and into management seemed entirely plausible.

However suffice it to say here that this was not to be part of the hand that I was dealt. Lets just say when the newly elected shop steward was called upon to mediate a grievance, suddenly it was a whole new ball game.

Luckily I had accrued some well deserved vacation time, and headed out to the west coast for a family retreat. It was in California that I had a go at my own social service organization idea.

There were several incidents of historic importance. A minor one I recall had to do with the fact that Dinkins was not re-elected. Everyone in the social service industry felt that our programs would be trimmed significantly if not simply eliminated. Also a personal friend of mine from Hofstra University happened to be a Long Island Rail Road train, when an insane gun man simply opened fire.
There were some other political things brewing, however the incident with the Long Island Rail Road gun man shook me to my core. An off duty police officer was able to stop the gun-man's random shooting spree. It seemed to me even with my narrow outlook that the world was changing in a significant way.

Today's idea is the same as it was when I had taken vacation time from the social service job in NY. There are some exceptions.
Currently I am seeking some like-minded individuals.

It will take some time and effort and mainly perhaps a dozen dedicated individuals who will be willing to form an effective leadership core. More information will appear on this site, at the proper time.

Additionally we be seeking affiliations. The affiliation may be a shul, or a non profit, or even a gemach.

Additionally we will be looking to recruit approximately between seven to twelve individuals who would be willing to serve as an oversight board. The time line is realistic yet intense.

Ideally the like minded individuals as well as the oversight board will be in place prior to Peysach 2008.

Partial listing of ideas, plans, goals:

(Not necessarily in any order)

1) Committee to identify community needs on an ongoing basis

2) Laison with public/private inititives to bring community support, economic development, or much needed dollars into the community.

3) To focus on developing either economic or educational opportunities for community members who need them.