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Aharon Moshe's Notebook
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The Cure
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Often the Cure is worse then the disease.
For example:
Imagine you receive a notice from your computer and find that updates are available to install and the following things happen:

Gnomie Mike Thomas writes:

Dear Chris,

Last night was Update Night here, and since I had Automatic Updates turned on, I received the two updates from Microsoft and they were installed. I then rebooted, as per instructions, to finish the installation.

After the reboot, I was unable to access the Internet — either by my DSL or by the dial-up connection. I was not best pleased.

I double-checked all wiring, and the connections were secure. I ran all possible checks on the machine, which said that all was as it should be — all devices in good working order." ...

Please read his article before you install the updates. I plan too!


Windows Update SNAFU



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