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Aharon Moshe's Notebook Copy

Are You Ready To Receive The Incredible Light?
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We are learning how to reveal the conceale light of Rosh Hashanah!

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The Midrash states that before the creation, G d foresaw the deeds of the righteous, and created the world on their account. However, the world that G d desired to create on their account was overflowing with love for them. As such, it was unable to exist in the Divine Effulgence. G-d therefore looked at the deeds of the wicked, which resulted in a withholding of His light. But it was precisely this withholding that allows the world to exist. There is a constant pendular movement, between the desire to create and the desire to restrain. This is known as "below and not below." According to the teachings of the Arizal, the first stage in creation was the tzimzum; the contraction of G-d's light to make room for the existence of a finite universe. Gevurah means "strength" or "power," and refers to the forces of contraction and restraint that G d used in creating the world.- As the Mishnah says in Pirkei Avos 4:1: "Who is strong? One who subdues his own nature."- Implied in both this teaching and the previous one is that deeds of the wicked also contain a point of goodness, since they provide the context in which G d could create the world. This reflects the Baal Shem Tov's teaching that there is a spark of holiness in all things, and that light shines greater when it comes out of darkness. (source researched on-line, credit and link to be included)

Davening Times

Shacharis between 6am-7am or 8am-9am 
What goes on between 7am-8am? The Daf Yomi of course!
Mincha You need to to try to get there before 7:20 pm
(If it looks like its getting dark outside chances are you already missed it!)
If you get there by 7:20pm right now it smooth sailing, you can learn a little and we can have you out in an hour!
In by 7:20pm out by 8:30pm

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